About Me

I’m a kindhearted and giving young transgirl who loves to laugh and enjoy life has to offer. I’m in my sensual prime, looking to enjoy myself as much as you are. I take absolute pride and pleasure in helping others to live a life of greater enjoyment.

I know it's hard to remedy the busy and bitter cold, when you also want to unload on all the crap that's happening. Not to mention, the incoherent and senseless gibberish you get here, when you just want some love to ease your toxic schedule. 

So the great news is: I have arrived and will now be able to give you- what you have been yearning to get. No BS. No Tricks. No Scams. No Pretensions. I always deliver on queue, and always in a manner that exceeds expectations...I'm your reset button to get you back in flow state. Don't miss it!💋

Please read the details below to understand more about myself and to help you make wise decision. 

The Heat is On with Ts Lucinda

Ts Lucinda


Hello Gentlemen, 

My name is Lucinda, an independent, super friendly, open-minded, fully functional pre-op trans girl, and highly experienced to be your best possible companion. I am gentle by nature and have a big heart for understanding. 

I adore the variety of companionship affords me, in my Academic life,— I pursue my Intellectual passions, and as a Companion, — I pursue passions both Cerebral and Sensual in nature. For me, this is truly the best of all worlds, and I would love to share it with you.

-Mixed of Spanish-Asian

-Height: 5'9

-Weight: 128 lbs, or 58kg

-Soft and Smooth Tan Complexion

-36c Breast (vital statistic 36-25-36)

-No facial hair and No body hairs

-Model figure 

-No Tattoos or Body Piercing

-Narrow Shoulder & Feminine Arms

-Proportioned Long Legs

-Naturally feminine voice

“I always consider my self a glass half full than being a glass half empty. I am always optimistic and would see difficult situation in a positive way.”

On offer is an Encounter that exceeds your usual predilection... If your sexual desires and aspirations function with the sexiest part of you - your mind - you know by now, that this is not the common, run-of-the-mill adventure. Is an honest to goodness serving of Intimacy, Sensuality and Eroticism of the Rarest and Warm kind. I serve a Multi Sensory Experience with a fuller, more human encounter with a TGirl you probably never imagined existed.

I’m doing this to further my education and to financially support myself, my senior parents and siblings. I am dreaming of providing my loved ones a better life. I start my day with a big smile and fill my heart with lots of hope. I always channel positive energy from the inside out. I’m a strong believer of karma and I think it is always important to connect to inner self, be motivated, stay grounded, be thankful and be kind to others. 

Anyway, I do yoga and work out regularly, meditation atleast 2x daily, I sometimes do intermittent fasting. This gives me proper strength and stamina to function effectively for the services I provide. I‘m no longer into hormones, I started my transition at the very young age, plus thanks to my genes, I was able to sustain my looks and so far, I’m contented with my physical appearance. I maintained a happy and worry free disposition in life. 


I’m counting on your ability to discern a truthful and honest Ad from a plethora of “the mosts” and “the bests” No exaggerated superlatives here. No false claims of being the galaxy’s hottest, prettiest, sexiest, etc. Being beautiful for me is not only having a perfect symmetrical face or having gorgeous killer body. I believe that having the right positive attitude in life, making other people feel special, spreading love and positivity makes a person so radiantly beautiful. 

In addition, I am not here promise anything or make you believe that there is heaven here on earth. I am not here to read your bedtime stories then try to convince you to believe in fairy tales. In other words, I am not  here to pull your legs. I think you are wiser to know that. - you're a lot smarter than that my dear and can discern what's real, and what's overblown. What i can promise is the most authentic, gentle, unrehearsed, genuine, sincere, non robotic, and passionate session. 

“From my own prospective—I work for you and you are my boss; Therefore, I must do the job right using the best of my ability and to remind my self to stay humble & serve my purpose, to impress you and hopefully you will be satisfied. I want to work hard to achieve your satisfaction simply because you picked me and entrusted me —and that is so important for me above all.“

I’m have an impeccable hygiene and strong work ethics. I’m DDF, Clean, non- smoker and not a drug user. I am not a ”party friendly“ so don’t bother asking me because the answer will always be a hard NO. Being discreet and safe are my utmost priorities, I would assume that you will do the same thing. I value your time, effort and I respect your hard earned donation. You deserve to be treated so much more. I don‘t want to waste an opportunity being handed to me. I never stop learning for new things and just do my very best leaving no room for any mistakes.


“I earned my stripes on this field. It is my great honor and responsiblity to take good care of you the best way i know how. I am not perfect but disappointment is not part of my vocabulary.”

This is strictly for well mannered Gentlemen of legal age only. Straight guys regardless of your shapes, color and/or sizes are very welcome, first timers, bisexuals, curious, couples, or someone who had disappointing experience, victim of horrible scams, or someone who needs something refreshing, sincere and genuine, —I am here for all of you. Laid-back and Unrushed. Positively pleasurable from start to finish.


Aggressive behaviour, Low ballers, Time waster, Rudeness and Request for photos and/or videos, (unless we’ve already met) may be grounds for non-response, or permanent blocking. I screen my clients thoroughly so please be patience and kind.I AM NOT ASKING FOR ANY PREPAYMENT OF ANY KIND TO MEET ME, ALL I‘M ASKING IS YOU TO BE RESPECFUL ALL THE TIME AND IF YOU CAN BE POLITE THAT WOULD BE A GREAT TOO.

NO-SHOW is ZERO tolerance, consequently automatic blocking. No excessive texting and email inquiries. I don't answer those private, unknown numbers or internet numbers. 

Lastly, please be discreet when meeting me. 

If there is anything you would like to clarify, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to spending quality, fun-filled times, and creating lovely memories.

Let's give you an upgrade, plus you deserve more... May the force be with you.