Helpful Guidelines



1. Politely introduce yourself (doesn’t have to be your real name), when and what time would you prefer to meet, that you are aware about the donation/services, how many minutes or hours you need (e.g. 30 mins, 1 hour or more), your own preference (straight, curious or doesn’t matter)

  • For example, “Hello Lucinda, This is John, i saw  your ad and I think you are very attractive lady. I am very interested to see you later around 2pm for an hour session. I went to your website and reviewed your donation and services. I am curious and a first timer. I hope you will find time for us today. May i call you now to confirm this?” 

2. It would be nice if you could also give me an idea about yourself like your age and background.

  • I only accept gents of legal age.
  • If you are white, black, hispanic, asian, etc -this way i can have atleast an idea about you.

3. I only prefer phone calls or text message for booking appointments. Do not message me for an appointment in any of my social media platform because i will not respond or entertain it. Using an internet number or unknown number will be automatically blocked and ignored.

  • However, you are always welcome to send me emails to express your sweet intention of meeting me ahead of time, you may not receive an immediate response, doesn’t mean I’m refusing to meet you, It only means i‘m busy. But for faster route please call me and introduce yourself,— phone calls are always prioritized.

4. Ideally, booking reservations should be done atleast an hour in advance. 

  • In rare occasions, 30-45 minute notice is manageable but still depends on my availability and time of the day.

5. Once we exchanged text messages, I will politely ask you to call me and you better be ready. 

  • NEVER tell me that you can‘t make a quick phone call because you are at work, driving, with family/friends, cellphone is lowbatt, you are nervous, or you are busy doing something. If you are too busy to make a quick 2-3 minute phone call, then I think you shouldn’t be contacting me in the first place. This is your last chance to impress me, to ask me any questions and to finalize our meeting.
  • If you have any questions or something you want to clarify in text, please call me. I don’t see any reason why you can’t call or refused to call me. I’m always nice, polite, proper and friendly on the phone. 

6. I always make sure that I indicate the dates and my general location in my ads and on this website. In that way, it would be easier for you to make plans. If this will be your first time to text me, please read this carefully:

  • NEVER ask for my exact location right away because I will not say it, unless I agreed to meet you. 
  • Initially, there are other more important things to consider before we agree to meet, like for example the donation, when/what time we can meet, how many minutes/hours you need, your schedule and my availability. Why would you ask for my specific location if you don’t agree with my donation or let say you are not available, Do you get the picture?
  • There are countless of text inquiries wasted because I chose not to respond. Why? Just imagine an opening spill would be like “Hey, where are you?” or ”Hi, where are you staying at? As supposed to a nice brief intro about yourself. 
  • I understand that exact location is a decisive factor, considering the traffic, estimated time of arrival, your busy schedule and so on; if that’s the case and you really want to know my exact location, it‘s very simple, —THEN CALL ME MY DEAR 😘

7. As i said, phone call is always preferred but in some occasion, I may still ask you to send me text message after our lovely conversation.

  • Only this way I can determine if you are using a pay phone, landline number, work number, etc.  It is essential that you are using a mobile phone so that you can get in touch with me once you arrived at my premise.

8. Once the booking is set, you have 1 hour or 45 minutes to cancel or reschedule it. I highly recommend to make sure all of your daily errands are finished before you set up an appointment. 

  • I don’t like to hear anything like, “I’m sorry, I had an emergency“, “I can’t leave work“, “My boss asked to stay for few more hours” and so on. I wasn’t born yesterday and I can identify If the reason of cancellation/reschedule is valid or you are just a time waster. Trust me i know it.

9. PLEASE respect my Time and Restrictions. 

  • Try your very best not to be late 
  • I’m not a party friendly, i don’t do any kinds of drugs not even 420
  • Don’t show up drunk or wasted
  • I don’t do any forms of bb



1. Don’t send me one liner text message like: 

  • “Hey”
  • “Hi”
  • ”Hello”

Again, please go straight to the point on how I can help you, purpose of your text message, make a brief info about yourself, time of meeting,..etc. Show me that you have sincere intention of meeting me. I am not interested in long text chats.  

2. Don’t Haggle / NO Low ballers - Do not contact me just to negotiate. 

  • This is very insulting and degrading.
  • If you can’t afford, then that‘s okay, I’m sure that there are other providers who can accomodate you.

3. Do not be Disrespectful, Jerk or Cocky. - THIS IS AUTOMATIC BLOCK

  • Don’t be RUDE.
  • Do not use foul/explicit language.
  • Don‘t ask me to send you naked pictures.

4. Do not use Internet numbers or Blocked/Unknown numbers. - THIS IS AUTOMATIC BLOCK